MIE 2015

The European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and the Spanish Society of Health Informatics (SEIS), Spain invite you to submit your contribution to the 26th Medical Informatics Europe Conference, MIE2015, which will be held from 27 to 29 May 2015 in Madrid, Spain.

The chosen theme of MIE2015 is “Digital healthcare empowering Europeans”, addressing a range of important aspects, relating to opportunities for or impact of new approaches and IT tools in day-to-day life affecting the citizens. The conference theme aligns with collective efforts of multiple parties; Patients, care providers, system developers, researcher and ultimately the entire population of Europe to join in to enjoy benefits from the potentialities in digitization of health information. This digitization enables involvement of people in management of their own health, and may empower people to be in more control of all aspects of their health and for the care they require. We invite discussions of inherent challenges to design and adequately deployment of ICT tools, assess health IT interventions, train users, and exploit available information and knowledge to scrutinize visions for continuous and ubiquitous availability and interoperability in health care. 

For MIE 2015 we invite participants to submit contribution on a broad range of topics, sharing your latest achievements in biomedical and health informatics. We expect papers on the role of the user in digital healthcare where interdisciplinary collaboration may achieve care and treatment processes supporting quality of life for citizens, healthcare providers, and the society. We encourage contributions about methodologies and applications, successful stories but also lessons learned and surprises from completed or on-going projects. The MIE2015 program will contain presentations of papers, posters, workshops, panels, and special events, as well as interactive demonstrations related to the topics:

●     Information and knowledge representation

●     Information and Knowledge Processing

●     Empirical Research Methodologies

●     Digitized public and private healthcare enterprise

●     Advanced analytics and Big Data in healthcare

●     Digital networks and services

●     Digital healthcare strategies

●     Traditional digital channels versus social media

●     Lifestyle apps supporting healthy living

●     Mobile healthcare services

●     Collaborative medicine

●     New tools in healthcare education

●     Internet of things customized for healthcare applications

●     Multimodal interfaces in healthcare

●     Ambient assisted living and wellbeing

●     Digital health improving management of resources in healthcare

●     Translation and adoption

●     Modelling for the digital patient

●     Clinical user interfaces

●     Genetic data and phenomics

●     Sustainable and integrated citizen-centred care

●     Healthcare service delivery

●     Health Information Management, Policy, Financing and Stewardship

●     Research and Education

●     Bioinformatics

The papers and posters in the program will be indexed Medline and considered for Thomson Reuters.

The event will take place in the splendid city of Madrid, Spain, meeting old and new friends in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying communication with peers, and good food. The Local Organizing Committee selected an excellent location for the conference with modern facilities and all the details for a pleasant stay of the participants. Besides the scientific content there will be several possibilities for exploring history and present characteristics of the hosting city and surroundings in a friendly environment.

The program, practical information, submission instructions and registration form are available at the conference web site – www.mie2015.es

Mark 27-29 May 2015 in your calendar for MIE2015 and join us in Madrid!

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