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ORMresearch Publications

eHCM: Resources Reduction & Demand Increase, cover the gap by a managerial approach powered by an IT solutions.
Buccioli M, Agnoletti V, Padovani E, Perger P. Stud Health Technol Inform. 2014;205:945-9

Operating Room Data Management: Improving Efficiency And Safety In A Surgical Block.
Agnoletti V, Buccioli M, Padovani E, Corso RM, Peter Perger, Piraccini E, Orelli Levy R, Maitan S, Dell’Amore D, Garcea D, Vicini C, Montella MT, Gambale G. BMC Surgery 2013, 13:7 

Operating Room Management Accounting: Cost Calculation Model for Operating Room. Book Chapter, Book: Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (3rd Ed.) edited by Dr Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, IGI Global, ISBN13:9781466658882 in press

Low Cost and Human-Centered Innovations in Healthcare Services: A Case of Excellence in Italy. Padovani E, Orelli R, Agnoletti V, Buccioli M. Book chapter, Book: Human-Centered System Design for Electronic Governance. edited by Dr. Saqib Saeed and Dr. Christopher G. Reddick, IGI Global 2013; ch.IV Saqib

Operating Room Management and IT: Improving Efficiency and Safety with a Innovative Managerial Model. Agnoletti V, Gambale G, Buccioli M, Padovani E, Orelli Levy R, Montella MT(E)Hospital, Volume 15, Issue 4/2013. 

E-HCM Project: Cost Calculation Model for Surgical Procedures. Perger P, Buccioli M, Agnoletti V, Padovani E, Gambale G. Book Chapter, Book: XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013. edited by Laura M Roa Romero, Springer International Publishing, pp 1111-1114, ISBN: 978-3-319-00845-5.

Operating Room Efficiency Improving through Data Management. Perger P, Buccioli M, Agnoletti V, Padovani E, Gambale G. Book Chapter, Book: XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013. edited by Laura M Roa Romero, Springer International Publishing, pp 1310-1313, ISBN: 978-3-319-00845-5 

Un Sistema Informatizzato Per La Gestione Peri-Operatoria Delle Vie Aeree: Il Progetto Vie Aeree Difficili. Corso RM, Buccioli M, Agnoletti V, Piraccini E, Dal Monte D, Gambale G. Evidence 2012;5(1): e1000031.

Tecnologia per un Sistema più Sicuro e Meno Complesso. La tecnologia a servizio del paziente e del clinico per una corretta identificazione e soluzione dei fattori di rischio legati alla pratica lavorativa quotidiana. Buccioli M, Agnoletti V, Dal Monte D, Gambale GPratica Medica & Aspetti Legali 2012; 6(2): 65-71 

Qualità e Sicurezza del Paziente Chirurgico: Information Technology per la Governance di un Percorso Integrato. Buccioli M, Agnoletti V, Dal Monte D, Gambale G, Evidence 2012;4(1): e1000004 (7 maggio 2012).

Significant Publications on Operating Room Management

Arakelian E, Gunningberg E, Larsson J: How operating room efficiency is understood in a surgical team: a quantitative study. International Journal for Quality in Healthcare 2011, 23:100-106.

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