University of Bologna & Forlì Hospital: e-Health Cost Management

Implications of Automation and Cost Management in the Operating Room

A major priority of the Italian political system is to streamline National Health Service (NHS) costs. Consequently, health sector managers need to implement improved managerial approaches within their organizations in an effort to make sure that all available resources are better planned and managed in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. And they must do so without compromising the quality of patient care.

The project consists of an operating room data system that uses a set of low-cost technologies to collect information about activities, time, and resources used for each patient. The project developed by the Morgagni-Pierantoni Hospital has made all stages of the surgical process transparent, highlighting ways to improve overall performance. These project aims fit within the current research stream on innovation in public sector organizations, which is focused on contemporary processes of innovation diffusion across sectors (Osborne 2011).

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