Efficient Operating Rooms or not… This is the question ?


Support clinician and health organization managers in decisions making to improve efficiency in operating room through applied based research 

Operating Room Management, Why it is crucial?

Operating Rooms (ORs) represent the main hub in the hospital facility .Efficient Management of operating room is crucial to ensures high performance output and guarantees patient safety. On the other hand, the OR is also well recognized as a high-cost, high-risk environment, whose resources need to be optimally managed. The main goal of OR management is to create a safe, efficient, and structured environment while keeping an eye on cost.

OR management is common responsibility and cannot be assigned to only defined party This responsibility can be defined as :  coordination of the components of the surgical suite to optimize patient outcome and surgeon access and minimize patient delay while maximizing resource efficiency (personnel, equipment, and time) and maintaining an effective workplace for all personnel (surgical, nursing, and anaesthesiology).  Effective OR management has become vital for stability and success as hospitals struggle in a declining revenue environment. 

Leading the change in OR process improvements, By whom?

The operating environment consists of interaction between surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses, technicians, and hospital managers and patients. Whatever your role falls, Successful management of the OR requires sound collaboration and involvement based on solid understanding. Responsibility is the key to good leadership, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration and definitely contribution is vital for all involved members

If these questions are spinning your mind, it is time for practical answers.

  • “Are your operating rooms more efficient or effective?“
  • “Will Operating Room management help with my workload and better performance?”
  • “How about patient safety perspective?  How to ensure it through OR efficiency performance?“

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