Providing healthcare with limited resources but unlimited requests

Actual Healthcare Sector Difficulties

The actual healthcare landscape faces serious difficulties. On the one hand during the past decades there has seen a sharp increase in life expectancy thanks to continuous development of new technologies and treatments to eradicate illness or to sustain chronic disease. On the other hand the global economic crisis has worsened dramatically the financial capabilities of countries worldwide in providing the best healthcare possible to all. The healthcare sector is characterized by limited resources but unlimited request.

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Major Costs of Hospitals are Operating Rooms

Particularly in our difficult economic times it is important to react to new challenges in a direct and smart way. An analysis of hospital budgets has shown that operating room costs make up a large part of total healthcare expenditures. This suggests the need to implement systems to monitor and manage the workflow and costs within the operating room department.

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Making Surgical Procedures Transparent

Process Monitoring and Cost Calculation Research

Operation Rooms are usually managed like 'sayling by sight' because an objective data basis is already missing. This lack of information and the consequently resulting incapacity of rationality within decision making processes create serious problems to clinicians and managers which has to be solved as soon as possible.

Close monitoring of performed tasks of various healthcare professionals through the surgical pathway and cost determination for every single surgical procedure have to be considered as the most urgent informational gaps.

The ORMresearch team developed methods to make both transparent:

  • The surgical process within the ORB (Operation Room Block) - follow the ORMS project link
  • The costs of every single surgery - follow the e-HCM projet link

These new approaches have the power to improve performance by increasing effectiveness, efficiency, quality and patient safety.

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